Round up of the dapp list’s week

This week have been very exciting in the Dapp list , this is the 37th week in the Dapp list and so far so good, it's have been a great journey .

The following are the updates of week 37th:

DeFi updates:

  • Integration of Abracadabra into Zapper
  • USDC now live on Optimism
  • Dharma integrates Polygon & onboarding users to access it in batches.
  • Zerion integrates Optimism - now you can view all your balances on the Optimism chain.
  • Uniswap has now generated more than $1B in fees for liquidity providers.
  • 0xDAO awards grant of $20k to SudoSwap.
  • Krystal integrates Kyber DMM.
  • 1inch adjusts gas refund requirements after EIP 1559 upgrade.
  • Volmex volatility tokens are now live on 1inch & integrated into Zapper.

Ecosystem updates:

  • What’s next for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) by World Economic Forum?
  • How Decentraland & The Sandbox have embraced blockchain/NFTs to become industry leaders.
  • Wormhole announces a generic cross-chain messaging protocol.
  • DAO Maker crowdfunding platform loses $7M in the latest DeFi exploit.
  • Biconomy launches cross-chain transaction infrastructure for EVM chains.
  • Coinbase's Q2 profits top $1.6B as ETH volume surpasses BTC’s for the first time.
  • Ethereum supply flips briefly into deflation as gas fees spike.
  • Chainlink launches data oracles on Arbitrum One's Ethereum scaling solution.
  • Ethereum’s roadmap toward “Serenity”, or “ETH 2.0”, many more substantial upgrades to come.
  • Emerging Role’ of Ethereum and Decentralized Finance in Q2 2021 Says Genesis Report.
  • What’s next for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) by World Economic Forum?

Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles 🎮

  • Rarible introduces Rarible Protocol - Open source, Cross-chain, & Community Governed.
  • How YGG is changing gaming?
  • NFT Stack by Messari.
  • NFTs Over DeFi: OpenSea Just Overtook Uniswap on Ethereum Usage.
  • Top strategies making NFTs more fungible so as to improve liquidity.
  • Why the lower cap projects are bleeding significantly, few reasons why this might be happening.

The Dapp List Updates:

  • Explore V2 is now live.
  • We're integrating Covalent

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