Reef Finance partners with Benchmark to Integrate xMARK into the Reef Ecosystem

Reef Finance announces its partnership with Benchmark Protocol, an elastic stablecoin alternative bridging capital markets to DeFi.

The partnership between Reef Finance and xMARK will will further enhance the Reef Ecosystem by enabling the Reef community to have access to non-collateralized inflation shielded stablecoin alternative which also fits well into lending and SOV utilization.

Stable coin alternative becomes part of Reef Ecosystem

Being a leading aggregator to DeFi through liquidity and protocol aggregation, multi-chain accessibility and proprietary analytics, Reef is secured with the same security model as that of Polkadot. This ensures high security model, resilience and forkless upgradability.

The Benchmark token (MARK) is a suplly-elastic, and designed as a collateral utility protocol to inject liquidity during high global market volatility.

With the MARK token, liquidity events are easy and also risk are minimal.
Existing DeFi apps can be transfered from Ethereum to Reef Chain with the help of Reef's high scalability. Also, with the Liquidity bridge being in development, porting existing DeFi apps will be more easier.

Value proposition of the Benchmark-Reef partnership

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