Introduction to Knit Finance and the Need for Knit Finance in the Crypto ecosystem

Before Now, a lot of cynicism was surrounding the crypto space until DEFI stormed and shook the industry. DeFI projects allowed it's users to stake, lend , borrow, trade and do any other financial transactions without a third party.

Knit finance is the first platform to open up the possibility of DeFI to many other NoN-ERC20 and Non- DeFI participants platform and assets.

With multichain bridges, Knit Finance creates a way for billions of Liquidity to flow into DeFI allowing any crypto holder to convert their assets to an equivalent wrapped tokens with a smart contract.

Knit Finance Multichain architectural framework separates canonicality and validity in consensus enabling customized side chains to connect with public blockchain.

Knit finance enables Portfolio diversification and accompanies market pioneers in their Journey of DeFI innovation based on the ever evolving needs.

Features of Knit Finance ;

✅ Non-ERC 20 can be traded, borrowed and margin traded.

✅ Real world assets can enter DeFi

✅Dexes and ICOs

✅Completely decentralized

✅Users can lend , borrow , margin and yield on multiple chain.


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