Introducing ReefStarter IDO Platform on Reef Chain

Reef Finance was created to simplify investors entry into DeFi industry.
Across the Ethereum blockchain, DeFi has magnificently grown and widely accepted by investors but the tedious interaction of different smart contracts due to their unique protocols, led to increases in transaction costs for users.

With all these being put into consideration, Reef was motivated to create Reef Chain, an EVM-compatible blockchain built on substance to power the high-end DeFi DApps of the future.
Reef Chain is basically created to offer low-cost transactions, self-upgradability, enhanced security, huge scalability and many more features to give the best user experience.

The ReefStarter

The ReefStarter IDO Platform is created to support Cross-Chain pools and auction for other upcoming projects on Reef Chain and the entire of Polkadot ecosystem.

The ReefStarter IDO Platform can be used to raise funds for an upcoming project in a decentralized manner.

For every IDO activities on ReefStarter, Reef will be working with Polkadot's smart contracts to provide transparency and trust to the people by locking liquidity and also the distribution of vested tokens to participants.

About Reef Finance


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