It's have been a great Milestone for Unmarshal as a lot of interesting and strategic partnership have been made the past few months. Recently, Unmarshal have gone into a strategic partnership with Ojamu-A Blockchain-powered, Ai digital marketing company.

Benefits of these partnership;

  • Unmarshal’s APIs will be used by Ojamu to speed…

Here is a summary of the AMA between Razor Network and knit finance. Its was moderated by Mike ( the Community moderator of Razor Network) and the “Sainath Gupta “ the CEO of knit finance. Make sure to read all.

Mike | I do not PM first:

Good evening everyone and welcome! If you are new here, my name is Mike, I am a community manager for Razor Network. Today we are hosting KnitFinance’s CEO, Mr. Sainath Gupta, for an AMA.

In pursuit of making DeFi available for everyone to access globally, Knit Finance has taken another huge step forward by establishing partnership with KardiaChain.
KardiaChain is a decentralized, self-optimized blockchain infrastructure focusing on achieving industry-wide interoperability.

The partnership between Knit Finance and KardiaChain will see the allowance of users to…

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